French Speaking Children

The Ecole Française de Bristol gives a great opportunity to children raised in French speaking families to continue learning the language outside the home environment and be prepared for a potential return to France.

Activities in the maternelle allow them to learn the language, the culture and traditions, as well as discover the world and further their personal development. The primary French classes focus on literacy skills and reinforce the knowledge of the French culture. This is a great preparation to British or French primary school.

A full set of immersion classes are available for children aged from 2½ to 11:


Nursery School (Maternelle) From 3 to 5 years old
Primary French Classes 4 to 11 year old bilingual children
Holiday Activity Weeks Primary school age children of all levels


We invite you to look through the website in French for more details on the classes available to children.

girls writing teacher and pupil at the white board